Bar / Restaurant / Club

One thing we like our customers to keep in mind is that we can often give you the full 4-piece band experience in just about the same space needed for a duo or trio by using our state-of-the-art sound reinforcement equipment and instrumentation. If you think you’re too small for a band, you probably are not. In a small corner of your venue we can offer a combination of instruments and voices that meet your needs. If it’s a quieter event like a vineyard wine tasting for example, we might use all acoustic instruments in a very small space. Your patrons will get a full band sound at very moderate volumes. Guests who may have grown weary of the same, tired, solo acoustic guitar player are thrilled when treated to the sound of our full band. If you have a club and have bands regularly, we will rock your stage with the best acts you can find. Either way, venue owners find their customers are engaged with the band, they stick around longer into the evening, spend more money, and patrons return to their venues every time they see our name on the marquee.

Full Concert Shows

If it’s a summer concert in the park or a music festival act for a thousand people you need we have delivered and will continue to deliver the goods. Our show is an energetic musical tribute to radio hits from the 50’s to present day. We focus on family-friendly Pop, Rock, and new Country with a beach theme. Picture beach balls flying, hula hoops spinning, kids and parents dancing, young and old alike having a toe-tapping, foot-stomping good time. We have been told that our summer concerts are among the most well-received and attended by organizers and fans who have heard this group of musicians. We have fun and so will your audience!

Charitable Events and Fundraising

Finally, as seasoned musicians and professionals who have all been fortunate to be able to entertain the good people of the tri-state area for well, let’s just say a long time, one thing that all of the members of Barefoot Bobby & the Breakers have in common is that we all want to give back. We have charitable organizations that we work with and donate our time to regularly. We would be happy to hear about your charitable organizations and events. We have special rates as one way of giving back to the community so do not hesitate to inquire about these types of events with any of the band members and we’ll see how we can help. Barefoot Bobby & the Breakers cares!