About the Band

Barefoot Bobby McGarry - Bass Guitar, Vocals

Barefoot Bobby McGarry - Bass Guitar, Vocals

Legend: As a young surfing rat Bobby realized he was late for band practice due to a huge Atlantic coastal storm. He hopped on his beloved P Bass, surfing down the coast hanging 8 toes off the edge while tuning up his bass with the other 2. All this while being bit by a shark!

Truth: Bobby cannot play with his shoes on - Bobby's Bass playing has been making people smile for over two decades. Bobby doesn't surf, practice nor does he tune up. What Bobby does is engage and interact with everyone at the shows - No one leaves a Barefoot Bobby show without a smile on their face! He was bitten by a shark and will be glad to show you his scar.

Notable Quotes: "Why would anyone listen to a song before playing it?" and " I will play you any note except for the dreaded "B"!"

Tommy 'Kingpin' Falcone - lead Guitar, Vocals

Tommy "Kingpin" Falcone - lead Guitar, Vocals

Legend: Tommy grew up on the mean streets of Delaware County. By age 11 he had established himself as a ruthless longshoremen union negotiator who shredded contracts and crushed anyone that got in his way. The only thing Tommy is afraid of is being bitten by a shark.

Truth: The only thing Tommy shreds is his guitar. No matter the musical genre you can hear his signature guitar sound cutting right through with always the right notes. It is easy to hear his musical influences but you will be pleased by how many there are. Tommy takes the songs of a Barefoot Bobby and the Breakers show and weaves a story with his crowd pleasing banter. When the band needs a little more edge they simply turn up the "Tommy". He is not afraid of sharks but he will only go into the water knee deep.

Bill 'Billy' Seitzinger - Lead Vocal, Acoustic and Electric Guitars

Bill "Billy" Seitzinger - Lead Vocal, Acoustic and Electric Guitars

Legend: A young lad who grew up in the Alps of Germany, Billy showed the towns people how to clear the peaks of deadly snow drifts using his voice and guitar to create avalanches. Ski resorts the world over would contact him to melt the snow. Bill once caught a Shark while fishing, dried it out and put $250.00 worth of pickups and tuners on it and turned it into a sharktar.

Truth: Billy uses his talented voice, blends just the right amount of Acoustic and Electric guitars to warm the crowd all over. Billy sings and plays the versatile set to perfection and knows how to "time" a show. The wow factor hits you when you realize he can sing or play anything from yesteryear to just yesterday and they all sound amazing!

Dave 'Mac' McClure, Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Dave "Mac" McClure, Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Legend: Lara Croft and MacGyver wanted a child but were so busy fighting crime and raiding tombs they simply ordered Dave to be built in a lab. Dave is fluent in over 17 languages, can fix almost anything and holds over 99 patents. Dave carries shark spray and a shark cage in his truck at all times.

Truth: Dave can invent, build or fix anything but the one thing that never needs repair is the Breakers beat. Both Bobby and Dave are in lock-step playing rock solid Bass and Drums using precision tempos while Dave adds snare and cymbal deftness for the perfect recipe. For the quieter club and house party gigs Dave Mac is just as much at home on percussion or Electronic Drums. Sharks avoid Dave Mac but the spirit world does not. More on that down below.

Gracie - Our Mascot

Legend: Gracie died many years ago however she attends almost every Barefoot Bobby and the Breakers practice. Gracie lets the band know if she approves of our performance by dragging furniture across the upstairs floor, turning lights on or off, making the room warm or cold or standing beside you making her presence know. Recently Gracie has learned how to take pictures with a Cell Phone which is pretty cool because she died about 60 years before the Cell Phone was invented.

Truth: Everything written about Gracie is 100% true. Ask any member of the band for a Gracie story and you will get one!